Victory Liner Travel Routes and Terminals for Trips to Northern Luzon

For those who us who grew up in Region 2, Victory Liner had been one of the leading bus companies. When I was in College, I would always ride Victory Liner from our town in San Manuel, Isabela to travel to Quezon City, except those times that I failed to make a reservation several days in advance. You see, if you dont book your ticket in advance, you may end up becoming a chance passenger, and with Victory Liner, your chance of getting a ride that way, would be close to zero!
Victory Liner Terminals in Metro Manila

Victory Liner has several terminals in Metro Manila to serve people from different areas. Theres one in Caloocan City for those in the Northern part of Metro Manila; theres another one in Kamias corner EDSA, for trips to Region 2. The one in Cubao is where most of the trips to Baguio, Pangasinan, and Zambales start from. Theres also another station in Manila City, and another in Pasay City, along EDSA. If you intend to travel to Northern Luzon, you better check out, which stations would serve you best:

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